How Michael Saved the Bosites and Everybody Else

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-3-44-22-pmHow Michael Saved the Bosites and Everybody Else” is a Middle Grade humorous science-fiction story.

Although humorous, the story concerns the real problem of man made climate change and attempts to help children appreciate the wonders of nature.

Michael’s grandfather is famous in his Irish village for the stories he tells about the Leprechauns he claims to have met. No one believes him except for his 12 year old grandson. He tells Michael that the creatures are not really Leprechauns, but Bosites, who except for their monthly BBQ at a nearby glen, live in another dimension.

Just prior to his death, Michael’s grandfather gives him a map to the glen so he can find the Bosites. Michael is unaware that the Bosites have been waiting for his arrival. They want him to be their leader, and take reluctant Michael with them into their dimension.

The Bosites are incapable of doing anything devious, deceptive, and/or dishonest and therefore need a human to help them deal with Kalvar alias, Clyde Canasta, a human who has taken over another Bosite faction. Kalvar’s method of stopping global warming is the destruction of human civilization. It is up to 12-year-old Michael McCracken to use the intelligence he thought he never had to stop Kalvar before he can carry out his diabolical plan.