Excerpts – Aldar Visits America

Aldar, an Iceland elf, stowed away to the United States with a tourist family.  Aldar reveals himself to ten year old Edwin after Edwin comes home and starts crying in his room following the first day of the new school year.  When Aldar learns that Edwin is being bullied by Travis at school, he disguises as a 6th grader using Edwin’s mother’s pink headband to cover his pointed ears. 


At lunch Edwin gave Aldar an extra ticket so he could use the cafeteria.  Aldar had never been in a cafeteria before, let alone a lunch room full of kids.  It was so noisy he wanted to pull the headband farther down to help cut the sound, but he couldn’t do that without exposing his pointed ears. 

What he saw before him made him instantly forget about the noise. Inside a long glassed counter were containers of all sorts of food.  More food in any one place than he had ever seen.  Altar grabbed a tray and got in line after Edwin.

In the first container were large sausages with a card which read, “Hot Dogs.”

 “Are these sausages made from dogs?” Aldar asked Edwin. 

“No, silly,” answered Edwin. “That is just what they are called for some reason.”

“Will you kindly give me a hot dog,” Aldar said to the woman behind the counter.

“Do you want The Works?” asked the server. 

Aldar gave Edwin a puzzled look. “She means do you want everything on it,” whispered Edwin.

“Yes, my good woman, The Works,” Aldar said. “Yummy,” he thought as the server placed a hot dog on a bun and added mustard, ketchup, and pickle relish.

The next container was loaded with pizza. The left over cold pizza that Aldar had eaten from Edwin’s frig was pretty good, but this pizza was hot and loaded with gooey cheese.

“No wonder kids here put on so much weight,” he thought as he directed the server to place a large piece on his plate.   Aldar also added dishes of salad, peas, mashed potatoes, and green beans to his tray.  Just about the only thing that the elf passed on was the cod fish, which he got way too much of back home in Iceland.

The dessert was chocolate brownies. “Two please,” he said.

Seeing all the food that Aldar already had on his tray, the server said, “Are you sure you want two brownies?  You’re allowed to take food out of the cafeteria you know.”

“I would like two, which I shall eat within the boundaries of the cafeteria,” Aldar replied.  With his tray piled high with food, Aldar followed Edwin to an empty table.

Soon Travis strutted over to them.  “Well, Aldar of the PINK headband, how are things going today?” Travis said while making some feminine-type gestures.

“It is so nice of you to ask,” said Aldar with a bit of sarcasm. “My pink headband, as I said in class, if you happened to be listening, signifies my clan.  What I didn’t tell the class is that my clan is the most violent of the Icelandic warrior clans. We Sigurd clansman may look rather puny, but we can handle a sword like no other clan in Iceland.  I myself have won several first place awards,” he said lifting he chin up in pride.

Aldar was happy that he was not like the fairy tale Pinocchio or his nose would have been six inches long by this time.  Actually elves hated any kind of violence and even owning a sword would be out of the question.

Aldar continued, “I know what you were thinking when you made fun of my pink headband.  Even if that were true, it would be absolutely no concern of yours, so buzz off!”

No one had dared talk like that to Travis before. He knew immediately that this kid from Iceland, as much of a target to bully as he might seem, was not one to harass. Travis said a few unprintable words and walked away.

“Nice work,” said Edwin.

“Thanks, not all people have my talent,” said Aldar delighted with himself. “But listen, when Travis or anyone else starts to bother you, you don’t have to tell him off in the manor that I did.  It is much easier to walk away.  It works just as well, if not better.” 

The rest of the story illustrates other methods to overcome bullying.  Although this story is whimsical in nature, the problem of bullying is serious and should not be taken lightly.  Bullied children can be damaged for life by the experience and in some cases have been driven to suicide. The help of parents, teacher, counselors, and other professionals is recommended for bullying situations. Yet bullying would not be a serious problem if more children learned that they must respect other children and not become part of the bullying situation. It is hoped when kids read this story, they will identify with the qualities of helpful kindness demonstrated by a little elf from Iceland.

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