Excerpts- Aldar and the Leprechauns

Background: Aldar meets a large family of leprechauns who came to settle in Iceland.  Although the leprechauns are elves, they dress differently and have different customs than the Iceland elves.  Aldar takes them to the Elvesvik pub to have lunch:

After their lunch Callahan pulled out his pipe and started to light it.

“Oh, sorry sir. You cannot do that here,” said the pub owner.

Callahan looked surprised.

“You see, we do not allow smoking in our pub. It is bad for everyone’s health, you know,” the pub owner said.

“Hum,” said Callahan.” No potatoes. No smoking. It might be a wee bit ‘ard to live in Elvesvik.” 

Several of the Iceland elves sitting at the bar heard that remark and looked at each other.  All were thinking the same thing, “Did these strange people want to move into OUR village?”

Matters were made much worse when it was time to pay the bill. The bill was for 8000 Icelandic Krona. Seamus did some out-loud calculations. “Let’s see, 8000 Krona equals 53.1195 Euros, which is worth 1.5 grams of gold, plus 20% extra to tip the waitress.”  Seamus then got out a little balance scale, placed weights of 1.8 grams on one side and measured out the amount equal to that in tiny pieces of gold from a small sack which he took from his pocket.

The pub patrons looked shocked when they saw this.  One of them said with a tone of disgust, “You must be leprechauns!”

“Who did you steal that gold from?” asked one of the Iceland elves in an angry tone.

“Leprechauns do not steal gold!” Seamus replied firmly. “All the gold we have we have earned by our hard work.”

“Yah, hard work cheating everyone!” said another elf seating at the bar.

“You guys are so stupid, you probably believe we keep our gold in a pot at the end of a rainbow!” snapped back Connor, whose hair appeared to get redder with his anger.

Aldar realized that he had better stop things right then and there before a fight started.  “Okay, guys, cool it!” said Aldar.  “Hey, leprechauns, let’s leave now. I would like you to meet our mayor, who I am sure will treat you better than this lot.”

“Connor, that be not a good way to introduce yeeself to the town,” scolded his dad as they left the pub.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Aldar. “Those guys have been in the pub since early this morning, and they are not our most outstanding citizens.”

Connor was a handsome red headed lad, who was just a few years older than Aldar.  Connor and Aldar instantly became friends.

Connor explained to Aldar, “I thought it was just humans, but it appears that elves outside of Ireland believe the stories about us too.  You see because we have always hidden from humans as much as possible, they never knew much about us and tended to make up all sorts of stories.  Ireland is a land famous for story-tellers, so it is not too surprising that many many stories  about leprechauns have been invented.  Most unfortunate are the totally untrue stories that paint us as gold hoarding thieves.”

 This is just the beginning of the troubles that will face the leprechaun family as they attempt to be accepted by the local elves. 

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