Aldar and the Leprechauns

With the exception of highly acute senses of smell and hearing, Leprechauns differ little from the elves who live in Iceland.  Through the centuries elves, seeing how humans have so often destroyed each other, wisely have remained hidden.  The Iceland elves are fortunate because many people in Iceland believe in them. They realize that elves are best left alone and attempt to protect what they perceive to be their villages. Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.18.48 AM

The Leprechauns in Ireland also hide from humans, but have not been as fortunate as those in Iceland.  The Irish people are famous for their ability to write wonderful literature.  Since Leprechauns have been part of Irish folklore for generations, it is not surprising that many stories have been written about them. Unfortunately almost all of these stories are untrue.  The picture they paint of the Leprechauns shows them as greedy, gold hoarding creatures who steal human children.

When a family of Leprechauns moves to Elvesvik in Iceland, they are not welcomed by most of the elf villagers who have only heard the false stories about them.  Matters are made worse first when Aldar’s pretty sister and a young leprechaun man start dating, then when a gold plate disappears, and finally when a little elf girl mysteriously disappears.  How does Aldar help prove that the Leprechauns are decent elves and deserve to live in their village?

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