A Hundred Million Miracles

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Ever since I was around 12 years old and saw my first Broadway show, I have loved musicals.  The musicals written by Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers are among the best in both stories and music.  One of their lesser known musicals,”Flower Drum Song” was first performed in 1958. It is a charming musical about the Chinese community in San Francisco.  “A Hundred Million Miracles” is  a staccato drum beat song and definitely not a good example of the talent of Richard Rodgers.  It’s the lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein that shine.

My new story is a Middle Grade Sci-Fi Comedy entitled, “How Michael Saved the Bosites and Everybody Else.”  Its main message is that humans are destroying nature and causing global warming. Near the end of the story, Tier, the Director of Education, sings part of the song to Michael. He tells the protagonist, “If more people understood those words, we would not have to worry about nature being destroyed.”

The lyrics are probably the simplest ever written my Oscar Hammerstein, but they say much.  I hope you enjoy listing to this Original Broadway Cast recording of the song, and take a moment to appreciate all the wondrous things around you.


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