What in the World Is Hamantaschen?

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For those of you who have never tasted these delicious (except when they get old and can break your teeth) cookies, I have posted a recipe on www.aldarandthegolem.com.  My recipe uses sour cream so they stay moist.

The little cookie is a traditional treat for the Jewish Holiday of Purim, which occurs on the 14th day of Adar in the Hebrew Calendar. This year (2016) it falls on March 24th (starts at sundown on the 23rd).   The holiday celebrates the saving of the Jewish people in Persia from the evil Haman, whose 3 cornered hat, the cookie represents. The original of the story is the Biblical Book of Esther, whose original and authenticity is lost in history. The story itself is of a comic character and is celebrated by reading the “megillah” (a scroll that tells the story), exchanging gifts of food, giving to the poor, often a funny play, and like most Jewish holidays (except the fasting ones) a meal.

You don’t have to be Jewish to love these cookies. In my story, “Aldar and the Golem of Prague,” a nice mannered troll developed a taste for them when living in the Jewish community in Prague. It took the troll a long time after he left before he found anyone who knew about Hamantaschen, not to mention a recipe for them.

I hope you enjoy my personal recipe. I like to fill them with the traditional poppy seed, but any filling will work fine.


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